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Some people are cold-weather mavens, but NOT ME. I need to be in a warmer climate. Living in the Northeast can be brutal, and I'm prone to getting winter-depressed really easily so that's why I'm planning this for November. And I just love being in water any chance I can get. I also love the sounds of the ocean, the ebb and flow of the waves crashing against the rocks and tickling my toes.

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Sometimes when I travel, especially for the purpose of reflection and recharging, I need to be immersed in nature. Being a city kid from the concrete jungle, I was blessed to spend five summers at Center Church’s Camp Asto Wamah at Columbia Lake, Connecticut where I was taught a deep respect for nature, communal living, personal introspection, and social responsibility. Having caught the bug at an early age, I’ve carried these values with me throughout my life so they’re naturally incorporated into the way I prefer to work, play and travel.

At Palmaïa, there's no shortage of private nooks to settle into for relaxation, reflection and bonding with nature. That's why I keep going there year after year. It's my very favorite respite from all the spinning plates of my life - a place where I know I can let my hair down and forget about my stressors for a few days.

That alone, is a great reason to join this retreat.

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I KNOW I need to take 100% better care of myself than I actually do (physically, mentally, emotionally) but it's so challenging to carve out the time. Almost anything else seems more important or ranks at a higher priority. Why is that?

That's why I set aside a few days every year to make it down to the Riviera Maya. Palmaïa offers numerous programs, classes and experiences (most of which are included!) and they're all organized into groups.

An infinite space to explore the internal worlds of our being. – Gravity Control – Meditative Concert – Natural Art – Mind Control – Deep Healing Mantras – Talk with the Shaman – Meditation – Art Class – Constellations.

Everything is in motion, all is vibration and dance. Practice caring for your body, mind and spirit by developing knowledge that flourishes as wisdom. – Pranayama – Tai Chi – Hatha Yoga – Vinyasa Yoga – Therapeutic Yoga – Geometry of Power – Ancestral Dance – Chi Kung – Full Body Workout – Handcrafts – Dance for Peace.

We celebrate the encounter between nature, mind, and heart. – Tibetan Bowls – Gong Bath – Awakening Ritual – Transmutation Ritual – Cacao Ceremony – Soul Reading Circle – Gratitude Ritual – Prehispanic Cleansing Ritual – Forgiveness Ceremony – Sacred Women’s Circle.

Be a joiner or don't be a joiner. Do as much or as little as you want, it's all up to you! But this by far, is one of the most important reasons to come with us on retreat in November. 

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Do you love to luxuriate at the spa? It's for sure my guilty pleasure. I go back and forth between custom facials, aromatherapy, and my new fave - Thai Yoga Massage. Have you tried it yet? It's ta' die for.

Palmaïa's jungle-immersed spa, Atlantis, is the spa of all spas in my book. You''ll be greeted in this gorgeous candlelit salon, and personally escorted on to your individual treatment temple. Each temple is slightly different but they all have one entire floor-to-ceiling windowed wall facing the lush forest, so it almost feels like you're receiving your treatment outdoors. The extra perk for booking a spa treatment is you'll have access to this amazing natural pool (known as a "cenote") and I never miss an opportunity to take a dip there. 

Our Women's Wellness Retreat in November 2023 will be the perfect time to opt into a delicious, pampering spa experience. It's an additional cost, but SO WORTH IT.  

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I've been carnivorous all my life - it's an integral part of my Latin culture. So naturally I find it challenging to think about going a few days on just plant-based meals. But personally, I've found most everything I've tried on the menu to be delicious, farm-to-table fresh and more than satisfying.

And don't worry, Palmaïa respects the fact that not everyone is ready to go plant-based cold turkey so there are some protein-based substitutions available on the menu. For example, at brekkie they offer dairy cheese and real eggs to substitute for the PB cheese and tofu scramble - just ask for it.

So try something new! Our Women's Wellness Retreat in November 2023 will be the perfect time to experiment with a plant-based diet (or continue this while on vacation if you have already incorporated this practice into your life.) It's just another way to support our healthy lifestyle over the Veterans' Day Weekend in November.

Bon Appetite!

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I believe one way or another, we're all concerned about the way we treat the planet. I'm not perfect - but I do try to do my part by recycling wherever possible. My own building complex has a composting center for converting food scraps to soil for our gardens. I do my best to prevent food waste, and just trying overall not to be wasteful in my daily life in general.

Palmaïa is built on the same philosophy. Here's just a sample of the eco-friendly practices they've incorporated resort-wide.

Carbon Energy Neutral:
Palmaïa strives to become one of the first carbon energy neutral resorts in the world, by leasing energy from solar panels and other renewable sources. They use about 50% less energy than the average resort. 

Zero Plastic Bottles:
Palmaïa protects their connection to nature by eliminating plastic bottles from the property. Instead, you're provided a non-plastic refillable water container as a gift upon arrival (or you cant decline it if you bring your own). 

Natural Living by Design:
Typical hotel and resort construction often levels the landscape and then selectively replanting, even importing non-native fauna. But at Palmaia, great care has been taken to safeguard the property’s natural landscape during construction. As an example, they've maintained their dense mangroves so as to not disturb the natural wildlife habitats that were there before Palmaïa was constructed.

Palmaïa employs locally sourced supplies and ingredients to support and promote the Mayan community and culture of the Yucatan Peninsula. Our Women's Wellness Retreat in November 2023 is designed to be mindful of the small footprint we leave behind.

I wouldn't have it any other way, would you?

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Now that I'm in my mid-fifties, I really don't get out as much as I used to. So when I have a chance to commune with a bunch of amazing ladies for an evening, I want to really let my hair down and enjoy some music, cocktails and conversation. (If you don't partake, Palmaïa has some delicious mocktails for you to enjoy as well!)

EOLO, the club on the beach, is the central place to be in the evenings for a pre-dinner cocktail or cool after-dinner vibes. There's a real fire pit nightly (as weather permits) with different beats playing every evening. This is definitely a place to enjoy some adult chillaxin' and cool evening breezes coming off the ocean.

And no pressure here to dress for the runway. Wear what you like - there's no dress code - YAY!

Check out Palmaia's playlist on Sound Cloud to get a taste of the kind of groove we're in for!

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I'm very much a solo traveler so I always prefer a single - all to myself.
And I don't like to rush, I like to take my time so I'll probably take advantage of the group rate and arrive a night or two earlier. Since all rooms are ocean facing, I like to keep my terrace doors open, move the living room chairs right up to the edge of the room so I can relax in the A/C but still have that openness to the ocean views and vast blue sky. Nothing like it in the world.

I also like to splurge on myself (can't you tell?) by booking a room with a luxury bathtub, so I can ask our butler (Yep! Our group gets a dedicated butler!!!) to arrange for a warm bath to be prepared for me right after coming in from the beach.

Here are some of the luxury amenities that come with each room accommodation:

Room Amenities:

• 50 '' Flat Screen TV
• High Speed Wifi
• Air Conditioning With Climate Control

• Nespresso Coffee Machine

• Minibar

• 100% Biodegradable Bathroom Amenities

• Premium Bedding

• Nightly Turndown Service

• Vanity Mirror

• Bathrobes

• Slippers
• Water Pitcher
• Hairdryer

• Iron and Ironing Board

• Laptop-Size Safety Deposit Box

• 24 Hour In-Suite Dining

• Bluetooth Music Network
• Unlimited Calls To Mexico, USA And Canada 

Palmaïa is truly a beautiful property and I hope you'll let me show it to you come this November. Over the last few weeks, I've given you 8 solid reasons why this retreat is not to be missed. So, what are you waiting for?

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