ALEX JIMENEZ, Owner & Managing Director of Luxe Itinerary

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Hi I'm Alex, so glad you're here!

Growing up in a place as eclectic as New York City exposed me to a world of diversity and multiculturalism. I dreamed of visiting every country in the world to experience the unique wonderment of their local vibe through language learning, cuisine, music, art, historical/cultural immersion and more.

As a result, I started traveling. My favorite trips so far were to Kenya, Spain, Ireland, Portugal, Morocco, Turkey, and the Caribbean. There's still so much more to cover! I believe world travel broadens our experience and global perspective, cultivating compassion and understanding. This is why world travel has become my passion, which I now love to share with others.

A thoughtful, well designed travel experience requires a bit of resourcefulness, a keen attention to detail, some tech-savvy and most of all a commitment to top quality outcomes. As an IT project manager for over 20 years in business and finance, I've combined my life-long career experience with my newfound passion to make travel dreams come true.

As a Virtuoso luxury travel advisor, I provide the value, expertise, and connections you'd expect from any of your trusted professionals. Put me to the test .I'll make your next travel experience a welcome indulgence.

I'm here for you should you have questions or need help planning your next epic travel experience. Feel free to grab a spot on my calendar to get the ball rolling. I can't wait to chat with you!

Bon Voyage!

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PS - Please check out my Instagram Stories at @alexjimenez_NYC or at these links below. I've been having a ball lately!
Porto, Portugal

Madrid, Spain

Toledo, Spain

Sintra, Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal

Marrakech, Morocco

Seville, Spain