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ALEX JIMENEZ, Owner & Managing Director of Luxe Itinerary

Hi I'm Alex, so glad you're here!

Pssst.. Do you like to travel with groups of amazing women? Have you dreamed of traveling solo but something makes you hesitate? Take a deep breath. You're in the right place! I believe women thrive the most when traveling together with other like-minded women on a wellness retreat. There's just nothing like women empowering women, communing as goddesses while we connect and recharge. That's why I invite women (age 40+) to join me to tranquil and exotic destinations!

My wanderlust began with my first solo trip to Spain. Since that time, I've taken more solo trips to Morocco, Turkey, Ireland, Portugal, Mexico, Amsterdam, Belgium, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. I've also enjoyed some fantastic group experiences while traveling in Kenya and Egypt.

While I’m happy to work on any kind of travel itinerary my clients’ heart desires, I’m especially focused on eco-friendly, sustainable wellness travel. Being a city kid from the concrete jungle, I was blessed to spend five summers at Center Church’s Camp Asto Wamah at Columbia Lake, Connecticut where I was taught a deep respect for nature, communal living, personal introspection, and social responsibility. Having caught the bug at an early age, I’ve carried these values with me throughout my life so they’re naturally incorporated into the way I prefer to work, play and travel.

I believe that successful, well-curated travel planning requires a bit of resourcefulness, a keen attention to detail,  some tech-savvy and most of all a commitment to top quality outcomes. I’ve blended my wanderlust with 20- years of project management experience to curate uniquely customized itineraries for the discriminating client. I offer high-touch luxury service so I’ve got your back from Bon Voyage to Welcome Home!

💬Favorite Travel Quote:
"The more I traveled the more I realized that FEAR makes strangers of people who should be FRIENDS."
- Shirley MacClain

Alex is an active member of Virtuoso’s Wellness Travel Community and Sustainable Travel Community.


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